Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere! | Studio Mini Sessions

There are things in life that when you’re doing them you wonder why then afterwards the joy they bring makes it all worth it.  Things like giving birth or having glitter thrown ALL over your studio.  Just as I’m starting to question my sanity, these excited little people show up at my studio and light up with excitement when they’re told they can throw glitter anywhere they want.  Let’s be honest mommas, we do not allow that behavior at our homes, right?

Some are timid and decide to draw in the glitter, but others embrace their inner Tinkerbell and launch it as though they’re spreading pixie dust all over Neverland.  And despite the fact that we all end up covered in glitter and their momma’s are probably still finding sparkles in their cars, these are hands down some of the most fun sessions I will ever capture.

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