Hey you!! You’ve made it and it’s time to celebrate! Your senior year is quite an achievement and one of the most important moments in your life so far. It’s the ending to one chapter, and the beginning of a whole new one. This is a BIG DEAL, not just for you, but for all those who love you. Let’s kick off the celebration by capturing beautiful images of you as the person you are now. This is a once in a lifetime thing, so let’s make it special!

Capturing who you are today -
to remember forever!

Now that you know a little about my photography, I want to you to get to know me because being comfortable with your photographer is very important. I'm a wife and mommy to two littles under ten. When I'm not working, I'm dreaming about our next trip to see our favorite mouse in Florida. 

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Hi, I'm Kelly.
It's nice to meet you! 

Meet Kelly

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