I'm Kelly, your new photographer best friend.


Kelly B.

Now that you know a little about my photography, I want you to get to know me. Being comfortable with your photographer is very important. I'm a wife and mommy to two littles under ten. I am a photographer but I also have a full time job in finance.


When I"m not working I'm dreaming about our next trip to see our favorite mouse in Florida. I say y'all and buggy because I have just a hint of southern girl in me. I have no patience so I Google spoilers when I can't see the next episode of a show. If you like iced-team, Disney and bring watching then we're destined to be friends.

I believe...
...almost all life problems can be solved with a little Disney. binge watching and Googling spoilers.

...iced-tea is superior to coffee.

Kelly is one of the most incredible photographers I've ever worked wtih.


I thought, not only is her work incredible, but she's an incredible person too! She is always so kind and is amazing at making you feel comfortable in your own skin.


kelly S.