In my world photography is much more than the pictures we capture; it's an experience. We will work together to create your ideal session, laugh while capturing your images and pick your favorite images afterwards. You'll learn about my favorite products including stunning canvas gallery wraps and coffee table books. And, in the end you'll walk away with stunning photos, professional products and a new friend. You may also have a new show or ten to binge watch with me at your next session.

Hi y'all, I'm Kelly. I'm a photographer, wife & mommy living in the mountains of West Virginia but Disney is my true home.

Many years ago I started my photography journey as a wedding photographer capturing one of the most important days of your life. As my passion for photography grew I learned that I loved capturing the moments after your fairy tale wedding - the first steps of your new baby, high school graduation and headshots when you land your dream career.


a little bit about

I am the only non-coffee drinker at Starbucks with an extremely complex drink: unsweetened iced tea, extra ice and two sweeteners.



I'm an avid binge watcher and if I can't watch an episode for some reason, then I Google spoilers.  Know a juicy spoiler? Inbox me, I need to know!

I google spoilers


The word "y'all" is part of my every day vocabulary.  I use it to refer to everyone from friends to strangers... most likely I'll refer to you as y'all.

Y'all is my word


Disney is a way of life in our household, whether my husband likes it or not. From our kitchen accessories to our vacations - Disney is involved.

Disney obsessed


Now that you know a little about my photography, I want to you to get to know me because being comfortable with your photographer is very important.  I'm a wife and mommy to two littles under ten.  I am a part-time photographer but I also have a full time job as a Budget Analyst for the military - working with some of the greatest heroes in our country . When I'm not working I'm dreaming about our next trip to see our favorite mouse in Florida. I say y'all and buggy because I have just a hint of southern girl in me. And I have absolutely no patience so I google spoilers when I can't see the next episode of a television show. Basically if you like Disney and binge watching then we're destined to be friends.



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