Olivia | Winfield High School | Class of 2020

The longer I am a photographer the less first I have but Olivia from Winfield High session brought with it a new first. The day of her session was extremely hot with zero chance of rain. It rained so hard that everything was soaked and the humidity was extreme. Typically a photographer is able to let the camera adjust within 10 minutes and shoot a session with no issue. That was not the case for Olivia’s session. Every 10 seconds the camera was fogging up and becoming virtually impossible to use. We were able to get twenty minutes of her session done before the humidity and fog caused us to call it a day. Luckily for us we were able to get together on a gorgeous fall evening to finish her session. The second day was perfection and her images are equally perfect.  Congratulations Olivia!  Thank you for weathering the rain with me during your first session.

Thank you to 304 Tees for the fabulous t-shirt for Olivia’s session!