Matthew | Herbert Hoover High School

Home: (noun) 1. the place where one lives permanently.

This last year has been rough on the Class of 2021. Nestled along the Elk River in Kanawha County is a class of students which have a very unique circumstance. This school, Herbert Hoover, no longer has a building. In the summer of 2016, before any of the seniors graduating this year had a chance to enter the doors of their high school, it was flooded. Unrepairable. These kids never had a single moment of high school in a normal school.

The Class of 2021 at HHHS had all the odds against them before they even began their high school career. Then the pandemic hit. Kids who already had given up so much were asked to give up even more. They gave up over half of their school year in person, sports seasons and normalcy. I am in awe of the Class of 2021.

Matthew found his way through high school by finding a home on the baseball field. This fall he’ll move to a new baseball field at the University of Charleston but the Huskies ball field will forever be home.