Lauren + Brandon | Charleston, WV Engagement Session

Last week I shot my first real session in over a year.

The only reason I ever stepped behind the camera many years ago was to have a creative outlet and at some point over ten years I lost my passion. I had begun to dread picking up my camera. Then last spring COVID-19 hit. With all the chaos of the last year there were some small blessings, such as the fact it FORCED me to take a break. I packed my camera in the back of a closet. I’m not even going to lie, I lost the camera that I bought last March for a FOUR MONTH period and had absolutely NO IDEA where it was located. I only picked up my camera to snap some children’s mini-sessions which I love because they help benefit a charity and are always so energetic.

I almost didn’t pick my camera back up for sessions, and then an email came in from one of my favorite past clients. She had gotten engaged during the insanity of this last year and before moving many states away wanted me to capture her engagement photos.

She could have called anyone in the world to take her photos but I had given her senior photos that she loves many years ago and she wanted me.

I dusted off my camera, and suddenly something happened… I felt that little spark. The love I have for photography was still alive. I revamped my website the next week to show more of my passion – no weddings, only a few sessions each month and focusing on children + families and their life events.

I learned something this last year… find joy in the things you do. It’s okay to walk way for a while (or forever) from a hobby, relationship, gig, whatever. I have a new passion for photography and I’m so excited about this love of mine again. Plus if y’all know me then you know my Disney obsession isn’t cheap and this side hustle keeps that going – ha!

It’s been a tough year for us all and it’s time to find joy in those little sparks. Tonight I found it in this couple that had to give up their college graduations, got engaged during a pandemic and are now planning a move across the country with so many unknowns.

Congratulations Lauren & Brandon. Thank you for being my first session after a hectic year. You were truly a breath of fresh air!