Jayda | George Washington High School

This year my heart aches as I am sharing some of my favorite images from the past year: my senior sessions.  Usually this time of year I blog about the deep connections we built during the spring of senior year from senior sessions, prom session and finally ending the year with graduation minis.  Often my seniors become some of my favorite clients, babysitters, friends and more.  I love them.  I love their parents.  This year was different.  This year my seniors were robbed of half their senior year and my heart hurts.  I know that while she lost part of her final year of school that Jayda will perservere.  This fabulous young lady not only excels at school but she also helped with a campaign against domestic violence at her work.  I know that this is only the beginning for her.  She will take the storms in life and turn them into beauty.  Congratulations Jayda!

It’s wisdom that will put all the inevitable failures and rejections and disappointments and heartbreaks into perspective. – Arianna Huffinton

A very special thank you to Starbucks for allowing us to use their coffee shop for Jayda’s senior senior session.